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Greatest Digital Conference 2023

The European languages are members of the same family. Their separate existence is a myth. For science, music, sport, etc, Europe uses the same vocabulary. The languages only.


What you’ll discover at conference

Enterprise’s use Voiceflow to create better conversations for their customers on any channel, wherever they are.

Discuss your use case with a Voiceflow expert

Create a single source of truth for your team

Keep your team on the same page with shared workspaces and file versioning.

Meet Speaker

Connect with experts from all digital marketing feilds in a pefect way.

Unlimited Discuss

All lectures and sessions are held online and you can access them from anywhere

Develop new skills

Learn about how you can provide a better customer experience.

The Event Commentators

The most talented people take part in Conference organization

Oracle Practice Commercial Lead, Innovate Tax
Sam Thomas
Global Solutions Architect, Innovate Tax
Andrew Bohnet
CEO, FudgeLearn
Tony Cook
CEO, Claremont
Mark Vivian
Managing Director, Arcivate
Andrew Coyle
Country Head EMEA, SplashBI
Graham Spicer